November 23, 2021


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Younger Man With Autism Breaks Out Of His Shell And Begins His Personal Enterprise

When Stephen Lepore was diagnosed with autism in 1999, when he was only two years old, doctors told his parents that he would never speak.

Not only did he prove them wrong, he started his own company called Mr. Hollywood Soaps.

Photo: YouTube / WPTV News

For the past two years, Lepore has been making all kinds of soaps including Autism Ducks, Regular Ducks, Jurassic Park, Mermaids, and more. All soaps, fragrances and labels can be made according to your wishes for a wide variety of occasions or recipients.

Lots of people have bought them and love his creative soaps.

Soap production not only occupies Lepore, but also helps him to learn life skills.

Photo: YouTube / WPTV News

“Stephen couldn’t tie his shoes until he was 22,” Lepore’s mother told ABC 10 News. “No matter how we taught him, do you know how he learned? When he tied those soap bags over and over again, he finally learned to tie his shoes. “

Lepore donates part of the proceeds to the Special Olympics, which hold a special place in his heart.

Photo: YouTube / WPTV News

As he grew up, his parents gave him many extra-curricular activities such as acting classes, surfing, and sports to help him socialize and break out of his shell.

In 2019, Lepore won a gold medal in golf at the 2019 State Special Olympics.

Lepore also donates some of its soaps to other local causes and hopes he will inspire others like him.

Learn more about Lepore and its soap business in the following video:


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