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Younger Blood. Terrifying faculty tales. Overview by Sadvika Kylash.

Young Blood would be my very first horror book, and man, I loved it. I’ve always been someone who quickly closes the back door after entering, without having to look back. And choosing Young Blood was difficult for me.

Young blood. Terrifying college stories. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

I love the book cover, it feels like the horror genre with blood stains and those creepy seats on the cover. The choice of colors for the cover book was a big plus for getting a first impression. Did you hear of such stories from your friends during a casual study lesson, or mainly during last night’s study?

This book, Young Blood, is all about stories I’ve heard from friends, only those stories were far more terrifying. The book starts with “Challenge Accepted,” a story from Hyderabad as I am also from Hyderabad and have heard different stories about the same college.

Young blood. Terrifying college stories. Review by Sadvika Kylash.

What I like:

Young Blood is all about telling 10 different true stories based on different college campuses. It gave me absolute goosebumps while reading. When I came into contact with the Challenge Accepted story, it got in the mood for the rest.

The chapters go like this:

  • challenge accepted
  • Pen for your thoughts
  • The inner door
  • Who the fuck is alice?
  • The benefits of the doubt
  • The colors of a bruise
  • Last possession
  • Spirit of opportunity
  • The victim
  • Good girls, bad girls

When I first got in touch with Challenge Accepted, my favorite story of all the stories was “Final Possession”. I love the way these horror stories are told. Every story is worth reading. I’ve always been a love story freak and would go with the flow, but this book got me to be present in the situation and see how the story unfolds.


I would like to give 4.7 / 5. However, I wish there was a happy ending at the end of some stories.

About the author: As her book says.

Chandrima Das has a B.Tech in Computer Science and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. After a decades-long career in management, she finally followed her passion for writing and made it her full time! Her first book, The Talking Dead (which is both an e-book and an audiobook) was a bestseller in the horror category. She even took part in many storytelling events.

Title: Young Blood: Ten Horrible College Stories

Author: Chandrima Das

Genre: Fiction / Horror / Short Stories

Published by Harper Collins India

Format: paperback / Kindle edition

Get your copy from here

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