October 10, 2021


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By Cathy Jameson

A friend shared a link to a video with me last week. Given the length, I hesitated to hear it. In the late afternoon, at a time when I am often interrupted by the children, I dared to start. The way life goes, I don’t always finish what I started. I had heard from the moderator and wanted to hear more from him. I decided it wasn’t a time like the present to at least start the talk and hit play. It was a little over an hour. And what a powerful hour of listening it was!

Everything Dr. McCullough shared is nothing new.

Everything Dr. McCullough presented is what we know to be true.

Everything Dr. McCullough stated needs to be heard around the world.

It was such a good conversation that I immediately shared the link with several friends and family. I wish that more everyday people, more reporters, and also those in the current government, would listen. Dr. McCullough has been providing in-depth information for a while. I want everyone to listen to the data presented and do something else, such as getting rid of the unethical mandates that so many are facing. It is only when these are eliminated and proven treatment options are more readily available that I might begin to think that we are going to win the war against us.

The struggle to protect medical freedom began years ago when government officials and lawmakers began lifting existing vaccination exemptions. The struggle intensified as politicians and medical groups began to deny access to existing treatments and therapies. The result of the ongoing struggle is incredible, even if the truth has already been revealed.

The truth cannot be silenced. Even though some people try to hide it, there is a way for it to come out. To those who stand by the truth and risk their lives and reputations to share it, thank you. Your dedication and determination have not gone unnoticed.

With that I leave you the speech that Dr. McCullough held before the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. If, like me, you are touched by this, please consider sharing the link with your own circle of friends.

Winning the war on therapeutic nihilism and trusted treatments versus untested novel therapies

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.


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