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Educators are so sought after in South Carolina that observers call it a “teacher market”. While it’s comforting that teachers have options, shouldn’t government officials turn the educational landscape into a market for students too? Fortunately for the families, some politicians are already working on it. A recent survey of teachers in South Carolina found […]

October 16, 2021


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SANTA CLARA, CA – The College of Adaptive Arts, a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit that provides education to adults with special needs, has been named Nonprofit Organization of the Year by the Mission City Community Fund. The prize will be awarded in a virtual charity auction on October 21. The College of Adaptive Arts was selected […]

School districts that are already in the middle of reforming school policy must now adopt new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a reversal of the previous guidelines, the agency announced that it would now recommend masking in schools. We know from the pandemic it works, kids who went to school […]