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by Tata Burduli, Senior Researcher at GeoWel Research Fifteen years ago, Georgia decided to radically change its approach to children with special educational needs. The change led to the abandonment of the decades-old Soviet and post-Soviet practice of either educating children with severe needs in separate, often inadequate facilities or simply keeping them at home. […]

July 8, 2021


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A British family has shaken after their neighborhood council called for the demolition of their self-made tree house, which last year served as a “safe place” for their daughter with autism, Tourette’s syndrome and sensory processing disorder. Richard Williams started work on the project last year and says he “put a lot into it” to […]

Kildare North TD Réada Cronin said Ireland was back to the 1950s where children with special educational needs are hidden. She found that there are currently 732 children in the state with special educational needs who are out of school and sanctioned for home schooling. The shocking numbers were communicated to the Sinn Fein TD […]