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Incumbents voted last year to adopt the Diversity Plan, which aims to “equip our learning community with the knowledge, skills and empathy to engage effectively in a diverse world,” records show. The challengers “will not allow a curriculum to be taught … that teaches that a group of people is different from any other group […]

September 22, 2021


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Spokane Public Schools is working harder to make schools more inclusive for special needs students. On Wednesday evening, the district will brief school board members on its efforts to improve performance in an area criticized by a national consultancy four years ago. The plan, part of the district’s priority plan for 2021-22, is to “prioritize […]

Time and again, people with disabilities have been used as scapegoats by the current political regime to demonstrate benevolence and earn vanity points by evoking feelings of compassion and charity in the larger gullible Indian population. Be it through the spread of stigmatizing terminology like divyangjan, the abrupt decision to award the title on a […]

Kelsey Werner, Gregory St. Arnold & Thomas M. Crea abstract background Children with disabilities face unique humanitarian challenges, and education can provide safeguards against abuse and exploitation. The call for inclusive education for children with disabilities in formal education is growing, but guidance on how to improve inclusion in complex and resource-constrained contexts of humanitarian […]

Visit of the Minister for Special Education and Inclusion in St. Gabriel MINISTER Josepha Madigan, TD Minister of State responsible for Special Education and Inclusion visited St. Gabriel’s School in Limerick. 65 pupils with special needs aged 4-18 years attend the St. Gabriel School. Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Upon arriving at […]