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This week, Jenée Desmond-Harris and Lauren Williams discuss a Prudie letter: “Trusting Other Parents” Jenée Desmond-Harris: Hello! So we talked about it offline and you mentioned that as the parent of two black kids with white teachers and classmates, you never cared about these things. Talk about it … Lauren Williams: I grew up in […]

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The natural state reports another day of thousands of new COVID-19 cases and the Department of Education releases new COVID-19 guidelines for the coming school year as Governor Asa Hutchinson rethinks a law banning state and local masking requirements. “The time for talks is over,” said State Senator Jim […]

News 12 employees 07/07/2021, 12:20 AM Updated on: 07/07/2021, 12:20 AM Parents gathered at Central Middle School Tuesday to discuss the results of a recent exam examining Greenwich’s special education program. The report, which was produced by a consulting firm, was unveiled earlier this year, but Tuesday was the first opportunity for the public to […]