November 20, 2021


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Swim down! The Actual Anthony Fauci Hits #1

We swam down. Proud of us. Yesterday, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci reached number 1 on Amazon. That is a monumental achievement for any book. It’s superhuman for a book on a subject that most of the world wants to ruin. The book is currently only $ 2.99 for the KINDLE edition! The Kindle app is FREE to download – you DO NOT need a Kindle. Buy the book on Amazon, download the app on your device, and it’s booming. You read.

Buy the book on Amazon OR, better yet, order from your local bookstore – bookstore managers see demand and place orders for their stores.

Some of us have ordered a few books as gifts this week. It’s a great way to stuff a turkey with knowledge. Right where Anthony Fauci has us all crammed ….. Maybe you could send a few books too? Superintendent. Pediatricians. Head of nursing homes. Teacher. Senators. University presidents and deans of studies. Nurses. Cardiologist. Mmm, maybe not, they’ll be very busy soon. Congressman. Mayor. Family members.




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