October 12, 2021


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Shelter Cat and Guinea Pig Finest Pal Get Adopted Into Excellent House Collectively

Friendships can bloom in the most unlikely places. Just look at Angel and Halo, a shelter cat and a guinea pig with an unusual bond. The friendship between Angel and Halos is especially rare because cats and guinea pigs usually don’t get along.

But despite all adversities, Angel and Halo have become best friends who can always rely on each other. This means they comfort each other during difficult times, which the couple did after their owner handed them over to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, a North Carolina animal shelter.

Screenshot: Facebook / CMPD Animal care and control

“They came in together and the owner told us they usually cuddle together and sleep together at night,” Animal Welfare Officer Julia Conner told PEOPLE. “They were totally connected.”

Conner has met many allied couples in her 17 years on the job, but she has never met a cat who is best friends with a guinea pig. “I think, honestly, my first reaction was that this is definitely a first,” the official told the magazine.

“We often get bonded pairs here at the shelter, but usually it’s cats and dogs – mostly – a cat and a guinea pig that are usually prey,” Conner said. “Usually the cat chases the guinea pig, so it is very rare to see them together as best friends.”

Regardless, Angel and Halos’ friendship maintained both animals during their time at the shelter, where the connected couple snuggled together and even appeared to share a secret code. Both pets had been given up after their owner had some personal issues, but that person was still hoping that the tied pets could be moved to a new home together.

“I really think we’ll find someone to hold them together,” said Conner, who posted a video of the fluffy best friends on the shelter’s Facebook page. “Our goal is to keep them together, period, end of story.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before CMPD Animal Care and Control was contacted by a mother and son who were both eager to welcome shelter animals into their families.

“Her son was doing honor roll so his reward was to adopt her,” the shelter stated in a message to The Animal Rescue Site. “Not only will she be involved in their upkeep, but she promises to keep us posted on how they are doing and is considering opening accounts for them on Instagram and Tik Tok.”

Congratulations to Angel and Halo! Follow CMPD Animal Care and Control on Facebook to see how these adorable pals are settling into their new home.


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