October 9, 2021


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Police Remedy Pet Helps Save Distraught Teen From Leaping Off Roof

Charlie is only six months old, but this therapy pup is already busy.

The gold doodle is the latest addition to the Albany Police Department’s therapy dog ​​program, which includes therapy dogs Maxie and Finn. Charlie may be the newest therapy dog ​​on the team, but the puppy has already demonstrated his skills by rescuing a desperate teenager who is about to jump off the roof.

Photo: Facebook / Albany Police Department

When Charlie’s human partner, Officer Joel Caldwell, was called in to rescue the 14-year-old girl, the New York officer knew he had to take Charlie with him. Not only was the puppy trained to defuse stressful situations, Officer Caldwell – who works on the department’s crisis negotiation team – had heard that the 14-year-old girl liked dogs.

The officers spent several hours trying to get the desperate girl off the roof by speaking to her through a nearby window. But it was Charlie’s reassuring presence that finally convinced the teen to come back inside.

“With the help of Charlie, the teenager who was now on the edge of the roof went to the window to pick up the puppy and was safely brought in,” the Albany Police Department stated on Facebook. What a good boy!

Coincidentally, Charlie’s big rescue also came in October, the National Month for Depression and Mental Illness Screening – and an important reminder to prioritize and support mental health across the country.

Depression affects an estimated 11 million Americans each year, but despite its overwhelming prevalence, many people still receive no help. We are so grateful that Charlie and Officer Caldwell were able to help this young girl get the help and support she needs.

Photo: Pixabay

Please contact SAMSHA’s confidential 24/7 crisis hotline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) if you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, depression, or any other mental health problem. There is no shame in seeking help!


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