November 26, 2021


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Parenting in politics: Toddler in Commons sparks debate on maternity depart

“Parliament denied me maternity insurance on the grounds that democracy demands that no one can replace me. With little support from the authorities or my own political party, I have worked as well as possible while meeting the needs of my now 13 weeks. ” -old son, “she said.

She added that she was “amazed” when she was told she could not take her son with her. However, the challenge to the regulation is for her MPs, who would lose a voice in parliament through “antiquated rules”, and the “genius women” who sometimes delay or even give up politics because of the “status quo,” she said.

“There are thousands of mothers out there who want to add something of value to our policies and they want to run. Right now they are seeing the mother of all parliaments discouraging mothers and rightly wondering if they are welcome,” she added.

Currently, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, announced that a committee has been formed to review the rules for placing a child in the House of Commons. Creasy said she welcomed this, “but it is not yet clear how long it will take or what its tasks are.”

She is now raising the public for a cause called “This Mum Votes,” which aims to help mothers of young children run for office to show that “politics and parenting can go together”.


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