November 20, 2021


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‘Magnificence Wants Training’ Seminar to Chart Development Path for Sector

Omolabake Fasogbon

The organizers of the Beauty Needs Education (BNE) seminar have announced plans for this year’s edition of the initiative, which primarily aimed at growth in the country’s beauty sector.

ESD is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of customer aesthetic practices in the beauty industry and develop necessary measures to prepare practitioners for world-class challenges.

The initiative, which is the result of a joint effort by the Institute of Beauty Therapy (BTI) and the Institute of Aesthetics, would provide insights and useful tips to improve growth and investment in the industry.

Currently, the Nigerian retail beauty and personal care market is worth more than $ 1.256 billion and is expected to reach more than $ 1.311 billion in 2022, according to Euromonitor International

In an address to the press in Lagos, BTI Director Dr. Ifeoma Abajue that such a program is necessary to keep practitioners informed of trends and current developments in the industry and to deal with unprofessionalism in this area.

She stressed that practitioners need to take a conscious step to learn about the challenges and future of aesthetics in order to better prepare and train them for them.

She said a number of industry experts from home and abroad will be honoring the fourth edition of the program, which is scheduled for November 25 in Lagos.

She said: “Every year individuals and patients are faced with inferior treatments from unqualified and some skilled but not thorough aestheticians / dermatologists, and this underscores the need to become a“ 7 Star Aesthetician ”.

“Our organization, BTI, will involve attendees including spas, clinics and schools in how they can meet and, in most cases, exceed industry standards.

“The meeting will be chaired by our panel of speakers, including the CEO of Zaron Cosmetics, Oke Maduewesi; Founder and franchisor of BTI, Sandy Fuhr, and editor of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor as a special guest. “

She also thanked the sponsor of the program, Health line Limited, TopiCrem and JOUF Pharmaceuticals.

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