October 9, 2021


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Jennifer Jacobsen Operating For Fairfield Board Of Schooling

FAIRFIELD, CT – It’s election season in Fairfield, and Patch is here to help you learn about the candidates running for local office in 2021 before voters go to the polls on November 2nd.

The responses to the questionnaire are displayed as they were submitted by the candidates.

Democrat Jennifer Jacobsen, 50, is a candidate for the Fairfield Board of Education.


Experience: Fairfield Board of Education

Family in government: no

The biggest problem in town is ______, and this is what I plan to do:

Educational goals:

• Study the academic and social / emotional impact of the pandemic.

• Work on developing a new 5 year district improvement plan.

• Ensure we continue to maintain and meet the needs of our facility, including, but not limited to, mechanical fresh air and air conditioning systems.

• Evaluate our initiatives to achieve goals and effectiveness.

• Advocate policies and programs that meet the diverse learning needs of all students, including educational opportunities and support.

• Provide our classrooms and educators with the tools, development opportunities, and resources they need.

• Build on the hard work of all the boards I’ve seen and continue to work with those who serve today.

• Work to ensure that Fairfield children receive the best we can give them as they journey towards success as students and individuals who can step into their adult lives, trusting that we have the tools to hand that they need to be successful in their time after Fairfield school lives.

• Face all challenges with integrity and faithfulness to our values ​​so that we can preserve everything we have built in this community for those who made Fairfield their home.

• Communicate objectively with the public about our schools, their value and how we can achieve efficiency and cost containment while maintaining high quality.


• 21 year old Fairfield resident.

• 20 years in education.

• 2 children currently in our schools.

• Master’s degree in education with a focus on school counseling.

• I was certified from pre-12th grade in student services in 3 states.

• Special needs area including IEP development and implementation, crisis intervention and experience in prevention.

• Early childhood education.

Fairfield Schools and BOE Experience: Member of the BOE Policy Committee and liaison with the CT General Assembly.

Example of representation of interests:

• air quality and air conditioning in schools,

• Excessive costs and government budgets to support education funding,

• Rejection of the proposed reduced government reimbursement rates for plant projects,

• for banning cuts in municipal education funding by the state in the middle of the year,

• Creation of a country-level cybersecurity department and cybersecurity protection of student data,

• Lots of others that I like to share.

• PTA member serving in a variety of volunteer roles, including community outreach for student service learning opportunities in our district and beyond.

• Fairfield Cares PTA representative for three years at two of our schools, coalition coordinator for three years and now a member. Fairfield Cares serves as our local prevention coalition dedicated to tackling substance abuse and mental health in our community and our public and private students.

• Curriculum review bodies.

• Girls Scouts of America troop leader and 10 years for two Fairfield troops.

Other problems:

Fiscal Vision: I have been involved in tax matters at the local and state levels in the field of education for a long time. I will continue to work cooperatively and respectfully to maintain not only our excellent school system, but Fairfield as a whole.

• Identifying efficiencies that do not affect quality,

• Analysis and approval of the budget approved by the BOE,

• Make difficult decisions when they arrive, taking into account the short- and long-term impact that decision will have on our students, staff, institutions, and communities.

What else do you want voters to know about you?

I have been honored to have served Fairfield for the past 4 years, and I hope to continue to do so in the next four years. The past year and a half have been incredibly difficult for so many. We know it takes time and work to consider the full extent of this impact on our students, staff, families, and the community. I concentrate fully on the task ahead and celebrate our successes with enthusiasm. I am unwavering in my commitment to this role and its importance to the lives of our residents and each individual student. From DC to Fairfield, I know as much about education as a citizen can, and I do the work it takes every day. I have stood up for us in other city councils and the country, and I am ready to take on this great responsibility within our community. Especially because now, as we are about to recover in the last year and a half and look to a bright future, we need strong voices on all of our boards in order to work together on behalf of our city, to share with you about my candidacy and my commitment to speak. Feel free to contact us at any time!


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