November 22, 2021


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How on-line schooling serves particular wants college students

In recent years, the pandemic has made online education the de facto training format for almost all Americans. While it proved workable for many, it also highlighted some of the common pitfalls in the traditional online education landscape, leading to the common perception that online educational formats do not provide the same level of instruction and retention for students. However, this belief is often misguided or a direct result of imperfect execution by school systems that have difficulty adapting to a virtual format.

As an educator in the online format since I started teaching in 2013, I firmly believe that, with the right practices and systems, there are indeed many ways that online education can provide more supportive, inclusive, and personalized learning – especially for the normally overlooked experience or isolated students, such as B. Students with special educational needs and IEPs.

Online education can provide special school students with an inclusive and discreet experience that optimizes their potential and increases their academic performance, personal confidence, and overall growth as a student.

An important aspect of learning for all students is how students perceive themselves as learners. Learning experiences can either empower a student or reinforce a negative self-perception. For example, the all-too-common phrases “I’m not as smart as they” or “I’m not good at school” epitomize and perpetuate negative trends such as low participation or reluctance in the day’s class schedule.

Beau Neal, CEO & Founder, SYS Education

Beau Neal is CEO and Founder of SYS Education, an educational technology company with a mission to empower and support schools through cutting edge technology and classroom support. In his role as CEO, Beau’s primary responsibility is to drive SYS Education’s growth and expansion into new school districts and to implement the brand’s vision of providing educational and support services that are fully tailored to the needs of each partner.
The concept of customization (apart from isolation) is one of the ideas that led to the creation of the Frontier Charter Academy, which Neal and colleagues founded after identifying large gaps – and great innovation opportunities – in the online education system. In an online environment that allowed students to pursue their own academic interests and approaches, Frontier Charter Academy achieved the highest student retention rates in the state of Oregon. The Frontier Charter Academy resulted in SYS Education, an online learning program that is not considered a second-hand learning program, but that is more suitable for many special education educators and students with special needs.

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