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Eight issues we discovered about Adele as a mother in her new Vogue interviews

Adele is famous for putting all her soul into her music, but for an artist who can touch so many people with her songs, she’s pretty private with their private life. With a new single release on October 15, the sheltered singer finally gave her first interviews in five years and gave insights into her upcoming album – which is said to be called 30 – and divorced her life as a single mother who follows her . Here are eight things we learned from their interviews with both of them British Fashion and American Vogue.

1. She struggled to get her child to Zoom School

During the pandemic, Adele was imprisoned in their Los Angeles mansion with her son, Angelo, who was nearly nine years old. (Side note: we say “almost” because while reports say he was born sometime in late October 2012, the singer never revealed his actual birthday. In fact, Adele said in the interview with UK Vogue that she openly enjoys withholding personal information from the press: “You don’t know anything! You don’t know my son’s” [full] Name, birthday of my son. I have the upper hand in everything. I love it.”)

As with many parents, her mother’s life was stressful having her child at home during the lockdown: “I would say, ‘Get my child on Zoom! Is it too early for a spritzer? ‘”

2. Your son has one dream career all too often

The single mother not only struggles with the Zoom school, but also revealed in a British interview that her son has a career aspiration that many parents of young children have probably heard of. “He is like”I want to be a YouTuber, ‘”She admitted. “I say, ‘I’m the wrong person to say that.'”

After keeping her son out of the public eye for most of his life, it’s no surprise that Adele isn’t all that interested in seeing him become a well-known internet personality. When asked how she is doing in the time before her upcoming comeback, she says: “I mean, I have to prepare myself somehow to get famous again, which, as you know, I don’t really like.”

She also wants to make sure he is aware of his privilege. “It won’t just be because he’s a white man,” she said in an interview with American Vogue. “It will also be because I am his mother. And I want him to know that. He has to earn his way through life. “

3. Many of the songs on their upcoming album were written for Angelo

As we all know, Adele is a master at tugging our hearts with her music, so it’s safe to say that her new album will be just as captivating. And now that she has many years of motherhood behind her, the chances are even greater that the parents will be touched by the new songs. This is especially true as many of them appear to have been written for her son to listen to when he is older, and she talked about two of these pieces during the UK interview.

One of those songs is the single, which comes out October 15th, Easy On Me. She says the song explains Angelo why and how she made certain decisions about her divorce. “I felt like with this record I wanted to explain to him who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his whole life in pursuit of my own happiness when he is in his twenties or thirties,” said she in the UK interview. “That made him really unhappy at times. And that’s a real wound for me that I don’t know if I can ever heal. “The lyrics to the chorus of this song asked Adele Angelo for grace and understanding:” Go to me, baby / I was still a child / Don’t have the chance / Feel the world around me. “

Another song, the title of which has not been released, is intended to serve as a blueprint for how Angelo should deal with his future partners. “Obviously it’s about things that happened,” Adele told British Vogue. “But I wanted to put it on the album to show Angelo how I expect him to treat his partner, be it a woman or a man or whatever.”

4. Adele is very open with her son about her fear

During both interviews, the singer didn’t shy away from talking about her fear, especially when it came to telling Angelo about the divorce. “My fear was so terrible, I forgot what I said or didn’t say to Angelo about the breakup,” she said in the UK interview. Following her therapist’s advice, Adele began recording voice notes of her conversations with her son so she could remember exactly what was said and what was not said. (Fun fact: Some of these recordings of their conversations made it into another song dedicated to him. The chorus of this song, as revealed in the American interview, is: “My little love / I see your eyes / Widen like an ocean / When you look at me / So full of emotions. “)

When she talked to her son about the divorce, she found that she was still processing these complex feelings. “Simon and I never argued about him or anything,” she says. “Angelo just says, ‘I don’t get it.’ [And] I don’t really understand either. There are rules in society about what happens and what doesn’t happen in marriage and after marriage, but I’m a very complex person. From an early age I always told him how I felt because as an adult I felt pretty drained. “

In the American interview, she expands this exhausted feeling while re-enacting one of her conversations: “He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer because I don’t know the answer. ‘Why can’t we still live together?’ “People just don’t do that when they get divorced.” ‘But why not?’ I say, ‘I don’t fucking know. That’s not what society does. ‘ And: ‘Why don’t you love my papa anymore?’ And I’d say, ‘I love your dad. I’m just not in love. ‘ That can’t make sense for a nine-year-old. “

She even went a little further, saying that as she reflected on her strained relationship with her father, who left her and her mother shortly after Adele was born, she realized that she always expected the worst from the men in her life. That expectation made her subconsciously assume a defensive stance before either of them could wrong her – even if they hadn’t wronged her, as with Angelo. “Sometimes with my own son he could talk to me in a certain way, and I graduated. With my own damn child, ”she said. “I take it to heart what he says, even though he actually says: ‘No, I don’t want to go to bed.'”

Angelo was also the trigger for another Aha! Wait for Adele when he was just six and a half. “He said to my face, ‘Can you see me?’ And I thought, ‘Uh, yeah.’ And he said, ‘Because I can’t see you,’ ”she recalls. “Well, my whole life collapsed at that moment. He knew I wasn’t there. That’s when I started sharing with him. “

5. Living in LA helped her be a better parent

For Adele, moving from London to LA was mostly about having access to nature. “Most of my life has been in a car or in a building,” she says. “I wanted fresh air and see the sky somewhere.” There were also more benefits to moving to sunny California when she became a mother – something many parents know only too well. “When in England you don’t have a plan with a small child and it’s raining, you’re screwed. “

After she and her ex-husband split, their three-house property in LA made the transition to post-divorce co-parenting easier, especially for their son, as they are able to live in close proximity. “In the end I thought: ‘We won’t’ [break our life apart]. You bought the house across from my house. Nothing changes for Angelo. ‘”

According to American Vogue, she and her ex shared custody of Angelo, and the family still has regular movie nights. Win co-parents!

6. Adele had a caesarean section – and a bad back

Speaking to American Vogue, the singer revealed the reason she had such a dramatic body change (which, to be clear, happened over the course of a few years): She used fitness time as me time to help her deal with their fear. “I realized that I wasn’t scared when I was training. It was never about losing weight, ”she said. “I thought, ‘If I can make my body physically strong and feel and see that, then maybe one day I can physically strengthen my emotions and my mind.'”

And as a mom, she started strength training where pregnancy and new motherhood hit you hardest: your lower back and core. “I have a bad back and I had a caesarean section. So nothing was going on down there. “

7. Angelo tries to correct her Brixton accent

Angelo grew up in LA and sometimes tries to correct Adele’s heavy Brixton accent. According to American Vogue, he sometimes says to his mom, “It’s not free, it’s three,” and Adele is quick to correct him, “And I’ll say, no, it’s free.”

8. Angelo doesn’t understand that his mother is famous (like Taylor Swift)

The last time Adele was on tour, Angelo hung backstage while she was getting ready and left with his father or a nanny before the show started. He was too young then to understand how famous his mother was. That fact became clearer to Adele when she took him to a Taylor Swift concert in 2018 (Apparently, Angelo is a big Swiftie). “His jaw dropped [when he saw the packed stadium]“She said to American Vogue. “I was really annoyed! I thought, ‘Sorry! That’s what I do, you know. ‘ He said, ‘When we go on tour, should I sit next to me and have Taylor Swift’s name on it for Taylor to come?’ “

Also, at school, Adele had some stupid advice for Angelo when people asked him about his famous mother. “There were a few older girls who chased him around and asked if I was his mother,” Adele recalled, again from American Vogue. “He just said, ‘I think her name is Adele, yes. My mother. My mother.’ For him I’m not Adele. He felt bullied because they bugged him. I said this is not bullying. Just say, ‘Yes, she is my mother. She wiped my ass. ‘”


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