October 12, 2021


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CZI Commits greater than $17 Million to Assist Scholar and Caregiver Energy in Training

“More than ever, it is important that classrooms provide a safe space for students to thrive in, and who better to work with educators to create these spaces than students and their families,” said Sandra Liu Huang, Head of Education for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. “By focusing on the voices of students and carers, these communities are well positioned to transform our educational system to accelerate student learning and support student well-being.”

A recent study found that students could experience an average of five to nine months of incomplete learning by the end of the year June 2021. This is especially true for color students, who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic. “When it comes to injustice in our schools, we can only understand the real power and potential at the intersection of racial and educational justice if we listen to our youth,” said Taryn Ishida, Executive Director, Californians for Justice. “They are not the future leaders of tomorrow, but the powerful leaders we need today. We need to unite – students, teachers, community organizers, philanthropic partners, all of us – to rebuild and reshape our schools and communities then we can collectively heal and prosper. “

Research shows that academic learning works best when students feel seen, known, and supported. This is especially important to promote educational equity. A fair education system begins with giving every child access to what they need to be successful. “Parents expect them to be real partners with schools in their children’s education, and in our most recent parenting survey, nearly two-thirds told us they have been more involved since the pandemic began,” said Keri Rodrigues, Co-Founder and President of the National Parents Union. “This grant will help us provide critical support to parents across the country and ensure that families in their communities are included in the discussions about educational equity, student well-being and incomplete learning.”

The scholarships aim to provide direct support to the students and families hardest hit by the challenges in the education system – blacks, browns and indigenous communities – to ensure equitable access to opportunities and provide all students with quality education that theirs Promotes well-being and academic success.

The following nonprofits receive biennial grants to support their work:

  • Californians for Justice, a nationwide youth organization committed to improving the lives of colored communities, immigrant, low-income, LGBTQ and other marginalized communities $ 1.5 million.
  • PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voices in Education) receives $ 1.5 million Connecting, informing, and empowering parent leaders to give families a voice and choice in the vision for education in Washington, DC.
  • Receive EmpowerED families $ 400,000 support their work, building family power through relationships, and pooling parents’ strengths to bring home, school and community together to fight for quality education.
  • Faith Acts for Education, a black-led, faith-based community that organizes nonprofit organizations Connecticut, will receive $ 1.5 million Building power and improving education through thematic campaigns, legislative advocacy, and civic engagement.
  • Fresno Barrios Unidos receives $ 1.25 million unconditional support, love, guidance and tools for advocacy for young colored people and their families in Fresno. Barrios transforms communities by empowering youth through education, wellness, and advocacy to promote our individual and collective wellbeing.
  • Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing (FCYO) receives $ 1.5 million Bringing together funders and youth organizers to ensure that young people have the resources, capacity and infrastructure they need to fight for a more just and democratic society.
  • Get innovative public schools $ 2 million To support its mission to ensure that all students – especially low-income students and students of color – receive a world-class public education that prepares them for success in college, work, and beyond.
  • The Kentucky Student Voice Team receives $ 200,000 Empowering students as research, advocacy and political partners to help shape fairer, more democratic schools and communities.
  • National Parents Association receives $ 1.5 million to support his work to unite parents of color, parents with low income, parents with special needs, single mothers and fathers, grandparents, parents who have previously been imprisoned and parents in recovery with traditionally represented parent voices, in order to join a lively coalition that supports the traditional role of parents breaks up the voice in the political arena.
  • Our train receives $ 1.25 million To mobilize, empower and uplift the voices of thousands of students in their struggle for educational justice
  • Our voice Nuestra Voz receives $ 650,000 the capacities of parents and families in the larger New Orleans To act as advocates to ensure educational equity for all students.
  • The Oakland REACH, a parent-led, parent-led group, receives $ 1.5 million Empowering families in underserved communities to demand quality schools for children.
  • Power U receives $ 800,000 to support its work in organizing and developing the leadership of Black and Brown youth and working class Black women South Florida so that they can help lead the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed people.
  • PS 305 received $ 500,000 Supporting parents in communities affected by educational injustice Miamiby empowering them to build collective power and challenge the structures that perpetuate inequality in schools.
  • Youth United for Change (YUC), a democratic leadership development organization composed primarily of working-class colored youth $ 500,000 Support their work to build the social power needed to ensure that schools and society at large become more just and just.

The educational work of the CZI aims to provide each student with an education tailored to their individual needs that supports every aspect of their development. CZI envisions a country where ethnic and economic demographics cannot predict student outcomes and each child will come into adulthood with the knowledge, skills, habits and agency needed to reach their full potential. For more information on how the CZI and our scholarship partners support student wellbeing, please visit chanzuckerberg.com/education/well-being.

About the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was founded in 2015 to solve some of society’s greatest challenges – from eradicating disease to improving education to meeting the needs of our local communities. Our mission is to build a more inclusive, just and healthy future for all. Further information is available at www.chanzuckerberg.com.

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