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An Oversight or an Overdose?

Posted by Cathy Jameson

The experimental COVID19 vaccine is only now available to young children ages 5-11. With an estimated 2.6 million doses administered in the past two weeks, scientists and researchers will have plenty of case studies to follow if they choose to take advantage of this.

You will be able to do more than just track cases where reported medical errors have already occurred across the country. You will be able to keep track of what happens to children if they experience an incorrect dose or an overdose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Recent metering accidents made headlines from the west coast to the east coast. I shudder more than just reading stories like this. Who prepared the vaccine? What was overlooked? What could have been misread or incorrectly labeled? What made you discover that something terrible had just happened? And who is responsible for this medical error and the damage done? Waiver statements are signed prior to vaccine administration, whether experimental or not. With these legal forms, the patient, in this case the parent, the doctor or in some cases the pharmacy technician, is released from liability in the event that something goes wrong. The vaccine manufacturers do not allow themselves to be drawn into this, since they too have been given a protective layer. This means that they cannot be held responsible for their products or what happens because of them.

The horror of discovering a mistake as big as giving the wrong dose of vaccine would bring me to my knees, especially with a vaccine that has never been given to children before. What a slap in the face to parents who thought they could protect their child by rushing outside as soon as these batches became available. I would have so many questions and so many concerns if this happened to one of my children. The mistakes have only just been made so the news reports have not given the public too much follow-up information. Rather than publicly addressing the potential and very likely negative reactions a child’s body will have, the officials involved do not seem too graduated. Perhaps they are following a “keep calm and carry on” mantra because they conveyed this simple message:

Come back.

Come back for a new dose.

Come back for even more doses after that.

“We apologize for the mistake and offer the children another opportunity to get vaccinated again,” said Dr. James Bridgers, Acting Montgomery County Health Officer, in a statement.

The manufacturer also got involved about the medical mishap. Instead of acknowledging the massive error with their medical device, “Pfizer recommended an additional dose to the students as soon as possible.”

Although a major mistake has occurred, “… you are advised to have another dose of the vaccine as soon as possible.”

Re-vaccinate the children? As quickly as possible? How about we get them examined by a competent doctor as soon as possible. Let’s do an initial work-up and document what works now – check every organ and every system with basic laboratories and tests. Then we offer to track the children’s health for the next day, next week, next two weeks, next month, next six months, and beyond. With so many children allegedly affected, a small study should be done, even if it was caused by a failure in standard care. Nobody knows what a COVID19 vaccine will do to the pediatric population as it has never been recommended before. So let’s be proactive. Let’s take care of the children right away, and then consider making something terrible into something that might be helpful. Is that too much? Apparently yes, because when children were given the wrong dose of the experimental Pfizer vaccine, the CDC also agreed with similar advice:

Based on CDC guidelines and clinical decision-making, parents can choose one of the following options:

– Restart the child’s COVID-19 vaccine series at least 21 days after receiving the wrong dose

– Continue to take the child’s second dose as planned.

Before one even thinks about subsequent dosing, one should hope that parents and also the providers knew to report the error first. You can report the incident to VAERS together, as described on page 12 of the information sheets. Parents may also consider filing an infringement lawsuit. However, filing a claim may not benefit them, as those of us who have filed on behalf of our children know. Regardless, this log must be shared with anyone considering a vaccine.

The parents in this story knew they had to see a lawyer after a different type of vaccination mistake was made when their children were given the COVID19 vaccine instead of the flu shot they requested. There’s a time and place to worry and then there’s a time and place to fight back. As difficult as it can be to assert yourself against a company that values ​​profit more than people, I find it admirable when desperate parents decide to fight for their rights or those of their children.

Recently someone came up to me and said they believed their child might have suffered a vaccination injury. Since I was in her shoes many years ago, I immediately came up with some ideas for her. I offered my experience and added that they might consider filing a complaint with their state medical board. I told them that they can and should also report VAERS. Since the vaccine in question was from the recommended childhood vaccination schedule, I sent them information on how to apply to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a different program than the one that handles COVID19 claims.

For those who have chosen the COVID19 vaccine and have had a reaction, they can share this information on V-Safe. Depending on the severity of the reaction, they should also learn the steps for submitting and receiving benefits from the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program (CICP). Parents submitting have something very important to consider when choosing this route. Just as there are no guarantees that the COVID19 vaccine will prevent the transmission of COVID19, there are also no guarantees that injuries from this vaccine will be recognized. On paper, it looks like a sane program designed to help the Americans. But if the CICP is similar to the VICP, financial compensation could be as rare as having an honest conversation with someone like Dr. Fauci.

Cathy Jameson is co-editor for Age of Autism.

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