October 13, 2021


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From Dr. Richard Moskowitz

In more than fifty years of family practice, I have cared for many, many vaccine-injured children and adults, an experience that has convinced me that the vaccination process itself is a major cause of chronic autoimmune disease, as is a significant number of respected published science to the same conclusion, which is largely ignored for precisely this reason.

My 2017 book, Vaccines: a Reappraisal, was an attempt to replicate this case in response to the pharmaceutical industry’s massive campaign to enforce and even tighten pre-existing vaccination regulations by attempting to be all religious, philosophical, and personal Remove – Further restrict belief exemptions and even medical exemptions that have always been prohibitively difficult to come by.

Their success in convincing many blue states to propose and in some cases pass such draconian new laws led the controversial question of mass vaccination beyond its scientific dimension to the threat to basic civil and human rights that is always associated with it: the right to informed consent, as enshrined in the Nuremberg Code, and the right of parents to make medical decisions for their children that we all still hold dear.

As the grandson of immigrants and a lifelong Democrat and an admirer of FDR and the New Deal, I have watched with horror as the extreme right has tried, and has largely succeeded, to dismantle its legacy and downsize all federal agencies that serve the public and protect them from interest thus enabling large corporations and super-rich investors to finance and control the agencies that should regulate and restrict them. A prime example was the undisputed takeover of the CDC by the pharmaceutical industry, the appointment of top executives to its Advisory Committee on Vaccination Practices, and the rewarding of other vaccination advocates with lucrative positions in return for their support.

This trusting relationship has led the CDC to accept the industry’s incredibly strict standards for a real vaccine side effect as an official guideline for making the vaccines look as safe and effective as possible, even to the point of falsifying the data on their own Safety and effectiveness studies to support these priorities. With the passing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which relieved them of all financial responsibility for the deaths and serious injuries caused by their products, a free ride not granted to any other industry, and the creation of a federal compensation program that made claims of victims are seldom reported and almost never successful.

For all of these reasons, I have always spoken out against vaccination mandates, viewing them as a fundamental and important issue for the progressives of the left, on behalf of the thousands upon thousands of parents who have claimed the death and debilitating injuries of their children from the vaccines they have given or volunteered have reluctantly agreed.

But what happened is just the opposite. Even the great Bernie Sanders, who never tires of berating the drug industry for its price gouging, has remained blind to the institutional corruption I spoke of and probably still shares the almost universal veneration the general has for vaccines in public . In the same vein, several state-owned corporations have recently won a major victory over various drug manufacturers for exaggerating opioids and lying to the public, as many, if not most, of the largest companies have been repeatedly convicted of serious crimes; yet the CDC and the industry that controls it still enjoy a license that truly baffles the mind.

Ironically, the only organized political groups that openly agree with what I have said are precisely the advocates of the extreme right, whose main task remains the dismantling of the public works of government, and whose predecessors were the ones who caused the current corruption possible, while Fox News and the other GOP-controlled media are the only place where any criticism of the CDC and vaccine mandates is tolerated, and Democratic Congressmen like Adam Schiff have directed social media to treat any criticism of vaccines as “disinformation.” remove or official guidelines regarding them.

The main constituency I feel called to speak to are the thousands upon thousands of offended parents I spoke of earlier who now default to the GOP as their only hope of liberation and who are likely to have recently dismissed Governor Newsom made, for example, much closer than it would have been without them. In my view, this loyalty is a huge and terrible mistake. The GOP continues to attack the CDC as it has in the past, not because it gives free rein to the pharmaceutical industry, but simply because it exists as a government agency and thus ultimately because of its role in protecting the public from industrial greed. So they’ll attack it even harder, and end up betraying the same kids and their parents if and if the Democrats can help them protect them.

The seeming coincidence of the pandemic and the urgency stemming from its mishandling by Trump and the CDC have inevitably sharpened these antitheses into a fever climber, providing the perfect opportunity for both the industry and the CDC to carry out their longstanding agendas universal vaccination by forcing practically the entire population to comply, ruthlessly disregarding our right to information and thus endangering us all, not least those who voluntarily submit to it and thus feel really protected for the time being.

As a doctor of progressive values, I keep wondering what I and other like-minded people can do to revitalize the CDC and hold it to its original mission of caring for the injured, containing a runaway industry, restoring our right to be informed Agree, and to speak for good science and good health, at a time when those who I need and want to convince most want even stricter mandates and therefore dismiss ourselves as stupid, deluded or intriguing “opponents” who only To ourselves. In short, through some sort of truth-clarification that has so far proven ineffective, we must expose the Democrats in positions of power – our lawmakers, governors, mayors, district attorneys, attorneys general, judges, doctors, nurses, business leaders, and NGOs like the ACLU, the Brennan Center and so on – that science, cited in support of the mandates is junk science aimed at puffing a major outbreak into a real emergency that threatens them as well as us and ultimately serves not a long term interest but the end result of an industry that is already obscenely rich and threatens to keep us all under their control for the foreseeable future.

This miracle is not achieved through quarrel; I’ve learned that the hard way. Whenever I try to discuss the subject with people whose political beliefs and values ​​are similar to mine, they usually agree with Bernie that the drug industry is corrupt. But when it comes to vaccinations, even those who, for example, have avoided the flu shot or managed to reduce the overall number and frequency of their children’s vaccinations have enough fear of COVID to welcome official assurances that the vaccines available are at least available minimize the risk of serious illness and death, as they appear to do, and even agree that the unvaccinated are primarily responsible for spreading the virus, preventing herd immunity, and thereby ending the emergency. I cannot blame them either, for lay people have a right to expect the CDC and the doctors and scientists who are able to learn the truth to tell us directly.

So your blind spot is again not to see or acknowledge that the industry controls and corrupts the CDC. Unfortunately, like most people, the Democrats see it all too aptly as a polarizing political issue simply because the GOP agrees to proclaim the opposite and therefore refuse to even consider the possibility that what is at least political to them is more aware, even needs to be considered The fear of being deep inside is indeed true that the agency is largely funded and almost entirely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, whose greatest profit center has long been the vaccines mandate; that vaccine-making companies have repeatedly been found guilty of misleading the public; and that the very real threat posed by the virus has been manipulated to heighten the uncertainty and fear that we all naturally feel. So the question arises, how can we help our families, friends and neighbors to acknowledge, accept and ultimately respond to the uncomfortable reality for which they are already at some level preparing for?

It shouldn’t be so difficult, for the other big industries in our economy have long since bought and corrupted their subordinate government agencies in the same way. The only difference is that vaccines are uniquely worshiped with all the fervor of the born again religion, so the companies that make them are now relieved of all financial and legal responsibility for the damage they cause.

So this is my dilemma; and it is made infinitely more difficult by the knowledge that my words, if they are convincing, will also be picked up and used by the extreme right to exacerbate the division and polarization that is already paralyzing the government to do anything that could change or do take any effective action at all.

But what I fear even more is that these efforts are still being dismissed by me and my colleagues and that more history will be needed to change our view of the pandemic: more variants, more boosters, more cases, more deaths, and more more tragedies so that at some point people will stop doing what they are told and believe the official narrative they want to believe because it no longer works for them or it actually does them serious harm. I can only hope and pray that it won’t take that long.


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