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10 TikTok parenting posts that made us cry in 2021

We all need some emotional release every now and then. If you are looking for motivation, inspiration or just a good wine, go to TikTok! Over the course of 2021, the folks on TikTok have given us some really touching moments. Break out the tissues because here are 10 TikTok parenting posts that made us cry in 2021.

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1. When this boy first said “I love you” to his stepfather

This stepfather was speechless when his stepson said “I love you” for the first time. As if it couldn’t get cuter, his joyful reaction when he tells his wife about the experience is even more touching.

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2. When this little boy told his mummy that “daddy in heaven takes too long”

No matter how old you are, losing a loved one is always difficult. Nobody knows better than this mother, who shared a video of her son observing that his “daddy in heaven is taking too long”. The moving scene is a calming affirmation that you are not alone, even though grief can be overwhelming.

3. When this little girl who was born deaf explained her dreams

When this father asked his deaf daughter if she could hear in her dreams, she affectionately explained to her that although she was “deaf all the time,” everyone in her dreams communicated in sign language. While there is still so much to discover in dreaming, the little girl’s answer is really illuminating.

4. When that boy reunited with his dogwho has been missing for over a year.

Pets and their people share a unique bond. And this video of a boy who reunites with his dog after a year of separation shows that such a special relationship cannot be interrupted for a long time.

5. When this single father reunited with his son after 11 months of service

Parenthood is fraught with necessary sacrifices, but sometimes the reality of work and life prevents spending time with loved ones. Military parents know this work-life balance all too well, so it is particularly touching to see how they reunite with their family, for example when this father saw his son again after an 11-month assignment.

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6. When this father found out that his daughter was cancer free

This dad discovered his daughter was cancer free when she pretended to need his help on a school project with AirPods. His daughter told him the good news while she pounded music in his ears, which left him utterly baffled and jumping for joy.

7. As that grandfather this Reaction to his granddaughter’s piano playing

The effect music has on people is just amazing. His power is particularly evident in this video in which a granddaughter plays the piano for her grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s disease. While he may not realize it’s his granddaughter, the man definitely enjoyed the performance.

8. When this artist surprised her friend with the most touching birthday present

They say friends are the family we choose and this touching gift from this artist to her best friend shows the strength of their bond. When she discovers that the present is a beautiful resin sculpture and a moving memorial to her late mother, her friend, overwhelmed by emotion, whispers sweetly, “This is my mom.”

9. When this mother revealed that she was the kidney donor of her loved one

An inspiring mother surprised her sister-in-law’s father by revealing that she is his kidney donor. When she holds up a glowing sign that reads “I am your donor” in large block letters, the whole family is overwhelmed by surprise and shock and an emotional celebration begins.

10. When this big brother first met his little sister

Becoming a sibling is an exciting milestone, and this big brother’s reaction when he first met his sister made the hearts of TikTok melt! Upon entering the room, the little boy is spraying with excitement with big eyes. “Ohhhhh, I love her,” he says before giving his new little sister a stuffed octopus.

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